Deon Binneman

Business and Reputation Management


Business and Reputation Management speaker, facilitator, thought leader, and trusted advisor
DEON BINNEMAN has been inspiring and challenging top international organizations and leaders in 17 countries to manage, build and protect their most fragile and vital asset – their REPUTATIONS – since 1996. 

Whether it is about the value of reputation as an asset or risk to advice on how an organisation
should respond to a crisis that can destroy the reputation of an institution, Deon vows audiences with his well researched, hard-hitting and entertaining messages and insights.
Deon has an extraordinary and systemic perspective. He is considered among the most influential thought leaders on the management of corporate reputation with stakeholders and the mitigation of reputation risk.
He has an ability to communicate reputation and crisis issues into language that non-experts can
easily understand and advises on all things reputation whether country, city, corporate, industry,
profession, business or individual focused.
Deon focuses specifically on reputation management & leadership training, the training of Boards and Executives on how to manage reputation, crises, issues, safety, corporate responsibility (Governance #ESG) and stakeholder matters.
He also trains Consulting Practice owners and Business Development managers on how to market their professional and consulting services. Deon has served numerous clients in all industries of the private and public sector for the past 25 years.


Reputation Management Expert | Speaker and Trainer | I help you to build and protect #Reputation. 25 years experience in 17 countries.

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This is what Deon has to offer:

Deon have spoken and facilitated at more than 125 global and local events, addressing audiences about Reputation related matters.
He has spoken at events such as the BCI 2017 in London, the Global and Southern African Institute of Internal Auditors annual conferences on four occasions, four times at the Compliance Institute’s Annual Conference – asked back by popular demand – mostly on Reputation Risk and several others. (See Page 4 of this document for more details).
Organizers rate his services highly and he is renowned for working with them to achieve favorable outcomes (See testimonials on website –

Deon have provided trusted advice the past 25 years on a wide range of corporate reputation and crisis management matters inc. life safety crises, recalls, reputation risk and stakeholder issues including:

  • Providing Strategic Advice to Statistics SA during the 2011 South African Census (The count of more than 53 million citizens) before, during and after the project.
  • Providing Strategic Advice and crisis plan simulation training for ATNS – Air Traffic Navigation Services during the Soccer World Cup – which was SA’s biggest sporting tournament to date (same scale as the Olympics).
  • Providing Strategic Advice to SA’s largest telecommunications company Vodacom on how to develop and embed a reputation risk profile dimension into their Enterprise Wide Risk Management system.
  • Providing independent insight into Life Safety matters inc. the prevention of health & safety incidents for over 23 years.

Deon facilitates a wide range of his own training seminars, courses and workshops covering subjects such as Managing Reputation, Mitigating Reputation Risk, Stakeholder Reputation Management, Crisis Leadership as well as Professional Services Marketing.
He has facilitated many different courses for clients on demand (See Pages 4 – 7 of the Training and Development Expertise list) and have lectured and facilitated on selected Senior Management Development programs at the GIBS – The Gordon Institute of Business Science on subjects such as Stakeholder & Relationship Management, UCT EDP, Monash University and the University of Johannesburg.
Deon have trained more than 800 executives in Stakeholder Reputation Management since 2006 and regularly conducts Crisis Management and Health & Safety related training. He is a (NOSA – SAMTRAC and ITIS) qualified Health & Safety consultant and auditor and has provided OHASA legislative and Incident investigation training services for an ISO 9000 Legal Compliance company for 23 years on a demand basis.

He is multiskilled, a life-long learner, a voracious reader, and a graduate of Henley Management College (UK) and the Graduate Institute of Management and Technology and the Nelson Mandela University and hold qualifications in Public Relations, Strategic Management, Strategic Human Resources Management, Occupational Health and Safety and Governance, Risk and Ethics.
Deon have attended and completed more than fifty short courses ranging from NLP to critical thinking subjects and prides himself on his uncanny ability to stay up to date and informed about latest issues and developments.
He is professionally registered as a Chartered Public Relations Practitioner (PRISA) and as a specialist in Training and Development (SA Board for Personnel Practice) and is currently studying towards an international Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing qualification.

Since 1977, Deon have had many articles published in international trade, business, and consumer publications and on websites; some of these with a focus on public relations or other professional topics, while others address topical issues of the day.
He was recently invited to be interviewed by the author and quoted in Dr Tony Jacques’s new book – Crisis Counsel: Navigating Legal and Communication Conflict. 
He wrote the chapter on Consultancy Marketing for Professor Charles Fombrun and Mark D. Nevins book – The Advice Business: Essential Tools and Models for Management Consulting published by Prentice Hall.
Deon is the editor of his own newsletter, Powerlines – a Newsletter on Strategic Reputation insights which is read by more than 16, 000 international and local readers.
If you want to learn more about Reputation, visit the website for Deon’s blog posts and insights. You can find more information about him on Linkedin.